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Intuitive time-card dashboard

The time card dashboard gives you instant information which empowers you to proficiently and successfully manage your employee time all from one screen. This next generation interface allows you to easily add, edit and delete time records one by one or in bulk. With our icon design you can easily distinguish how employees clock in or out. View employee totals and lock time cards once approved.


Flexible scheduling interface

Schedule smarter and faster with our effective & powerful yet easy-to-use scheduling interface. Schedules are centralized, meaning that both you and your employees have 24/7 access to the most up to date information. The software allows you to choose and customize Group Schedules, Individual Schedules, and Recurring Schedules.



Interactive setup assistant

Its never been easier to setup pay settings, schedules, paid time off, and all rules within the software with our interactive setup assistant. This wizard style interface will lead you step by step to do tasks in a prescribed order so you are never lost.


Track absences & accruals

Easy Clocking’s Absence Management combines employee and manager self-service absence management functionality in one highly configurable, flexible, and scalable browser-based product to help you track and analyze consolidated absence and leave accrual information.




Control how & where employees punch in

Take full control of where an employee clocks in and out from. Assign rules to employees to use specific time clocks at specific location, using our fingerprint, or proximity card time clocks. You can also assign rules for employees to clock in from a specific network IP or computer by USB fingerprint reader, proximity card or pin number.


Job costing

Our job costing feature will give you the ability to manage your jobs and projects in an easy way, allowing you to identify labor costs attributed to projects or jobs by employee, department, and task-type.



Centralized view for managers

Empower payroll managers with a centralized screen that allows them to view, approve, and manage time sheets and time off for the entire company.


Overtime management

Keep overtime costs in check with easy to configure rules and settings that increase accuracy and improve compliance to overtime laws.




Administrators & employee portal

The administrators and employee portal is the central gateway to business activities, which maintains everyone in your company connected and empowers your workforce to operate at peak efficiency.


Custom fields

The advanced custom fields interface gives you the ability to add more flexible data to the software to meet your companies requirements for reporting and filtering in a personalized method.

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