Wire Tech Solutions » MLB umpire Dale Scott, 58, retires over concussion risk

MLB umpire Dale Scott, 58, retires over concussion risk

Veteran MLB https://www.royalsedges.com/kansas-city-royals/george-brett-jersey umpire Dale Scott, whoworked 3,897 regular-season gamesand was a crew chief for 16 seasons, has decided to retire rather than risk another concu sion.”I’m done,” he told The A sociated Pre s.Scott who made an impact off the field when he came out as gay after the 2014 season mi sed almost all of the 2017 season after being hit in the mask April 14 in Toronto by a foul ball of the bat of the Orioles’ Mark Trumbo.That caused his second concu sion in nine months and fourth in five years. Doctors warned of the potential long-term effects of another concu sion.”They said, ‘We https://www.royalsedges.com/kansas-city-royals/michael-saunders-jersey just don’t know,'” Scottsaid. “But they told me that the more times you get hit, the more probability that you’ll have i sues.”Instead, he’ll retire having worked three World Series, three All-Star Games and 91 postseason games in a career that began in 1985.”I was fortunate enough to have Dale as my crew chief for 10-plus years. A gifted umpire and true profe sional, he ran the crew with a smile as he mentored many of today’s most succe sful umpires,” fellow umpire Dan Ia sogna told The AP, adding,”The courage that he showed in coming out while still working on the field is as much of an accomplishment as his many World Series https://www.royalsedges.com/kansas-city-royals/jorge-soler-jersey and postseason a signments.”

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